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"From 2006 until today I am using only MultiGov Pro and nothing else... Always people asking me why I did not change the governor and the answer because it is the best gov I used ever in my life :)"
Tareq Alsaadi, January 2, 2015

Dedicated processor = Ultimate Performance.
Demand only the best 3D nitro heli governor+limiter with MultiGov Pro.

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MultiGov Pro overview and setup videos from Finless Bob
Finless Bob at Helifreak.com has an excellent set of overview/setup videos here.  Many thanks for his work!

Mounting MultiGov's RPM sensor on the new T-Rex 600n Nitro helicopter
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do it.
Radio Setup Instructions for "RPM Select" Input
The "hardest" part in configuring  is setting your radio up to support the three adjustable speeds through your flight mode switch.  Easy instructions for Spektrum, Futaba, and JR radio's.
MultiGov receives excellent reviews in RC Heli Magazine, Model Helicopter World, and 50-Tuning.com!
Visit our Reviews page for article links.


MultiGov Pro


Based on our popular "MultiGov" product, MultiGov Pro's enhancements/differences include:

  • World-class 3D governor performance you've come to expect.
  • It can run in either a standard smooth flight mode or aggressive 3D mode. You can optionally set the 3D mode to be a RPM limiter.
  • Built-in automatic mixture control.  This feature is completely optional and software is included at no additional charge.  A "do-it-yourself" temperature sensor kit is sold separately or you can just use an existing CSM CarbSmart sensor/setup.  No servo hardware is included.
  • Refined configuration menus.
  • A semi-transparent blue plastic casing.
  • Size is about the same as the original MultiGov -- a little shorter but a little wider.
  • Uses the same LCD configuration module as MultiGov.

MultiGov Pro with LCD is just $100 USD or $75 USD without LCD. 
(you must have an LCD for configuration)

MultiGov Pro is an advanced multifunction RC helicopter governor. MultiGov Pro keeps your RC helicopter rotor speed constant by monitoring the helicopter motor speed and automatically adjusting your modelís throttle servo. You can switch between different control modes on the fly in flight!

In addition, MultiGov Pro has built-in support for automatic control of a mixture servo by monitoring the motorís cylinder head temperature.  Mixture control is not required for governor operation.

Configuring MultiGov Pro is a snap with our detachable backlit LCD configuration module. Just plug it in, configure, and unplug it when you are done. If you have multiple helicopters and already have the LCD configuration module, you can buy just the MultiGov Pro unit without the LCD to save on costs.

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Buy MultiGov Pro w/LCD Now -- just $100 USD (plus shipping)

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